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Lia Rye, a South-London born 16 year old, has always been an avid Singer-Songwriter / performer. From singing in the school playground to taking part in productions and multiple performances, music is central in Lia’s life. Aged 8, Lia began writing songs and since then, she has incorporated her truth and storytelling into her writing. With mellow reflective lyrics in genres spanning from Alternative to Pop, Lia Rye is confidently becoming her own artist. She is a hands on creative, who delves into all aspects of her music creation and management as an independent artist. Due to her love of music, Lia is currently training at The BRIT School where she is improving her craft.

In January 2020, Lia performed at the O2 Academy Islington 2 in her first live venue performance aged 15. Lia’s performance with her band was received incredibly well, paving way for more performances in the coming future.

Lia’s debut single ‘Novacaine’, the first song she wrote with her keyboard in 2016 aged 12, was released on January 3rd 2020. ‘Novacaine’ has received positive reviews / feedback from music blogs and listeners alike, solidifying Lia’s start in the music industry. Lia’s debut single was played on BBC Introducing London on 28th March 2020, despite it being her first upload.

“It’s impressive songwriting … first upload from her and hopefully, we will be hearing much much more, very very soon” – BBC Introducing London

“London based singer-songwriter Lia Rye burst onto the scene with her debut single ‘Novacaine’. ” – InTune Music

“If  ‘Novacaine’ is any indication, Lia Rye has a great future ahead of her in the music industry.” – Industry Me

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  • InTune Music
    'The most charming part to this song is its sincerity, most significantly the personable element to the lyrics being reimagined into a story that is as endearing as it is relatable.'
  • InTune Music
    'London based singer-songwriter Lia Rye burst onto the scene with her debut single ‘Novacaine’.
  • Industry Me
    'The South London-born singer-songwriter has crafted the perfect indie-pop ballad to jumpstart your year and make you think.'
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